// serverless apps for AWS


sprocs are easy to deploy and easy to run serverless apps for Amazon Web Services.


  • Open source
  • 100% AWS managed serverless services
  • Easy to deploy — one-click deployment with managed hosting via AWS Amplify Console
  • Easy to update with Git — continuous deployment or managed updates with semver release branches
  • Easy to run via AWS-managed serverless services — no kubernetes, no linux upgrades, no load balancers, no SSH keys. It's self-hosted without the hassle.
  • Control your own data and endpoints in your own AWS account, in your local region
  • Native data integration by accessing your actual AWS data source (listen to DynamoDB streams, trigger S3 events, handle SNS notifications, subscribe to EventBridge events, etc)
  • Less third-party vendors means less data sub-processors and less uncontrolled access to your and your customers' data
  • Improve security and privacy by gaining visibility into your data policies and access controls
  • Less SaaS lock-in and pricing power over your data
  • Use your own domain and email for increased brand recognition, deliverability, and ownership
  • Active and sustained development by offering both free and commercial apps


While many SaaS products are increasingly acting as a thin reseller layer over native AWS services, we believe the future of many generic SaaS offerings is managed open-source code, running on managed infrastructure, within one's own cloud account.

Our mission is to enable companies and individuals to control more of their own data and act as an end-to-end data processor without relying on unnecessary third-party vendors.

Less third-party sub-processors of customer data means less cookie banners, less data leakage, more control, and more trust.


Our roadmap includes dev tools, infrastructure components, and business process apps essential to running any modern business.

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We develop both free and commercial apps depending on the complexity and ongoing maintenance needs of the particular app.

[coming soon] Apps listed as Commercial will only require a single subscription purchased through the AWS Marketplace which grants access to all commercial sprocs for your personal or business use. Prices will depend on the size of your company and desired level of support.

Apps are designated Free or Commercial in their respective documentation.

sprocs subscriptions are used to support ongoing development and maintenance of code, users are obviously responsible for their own AWS bill generated by sprocs usage on their own account. Because sprocs use serverless AWS components, this amount will vary based on the app and the amount of usage but in general should be far less than a comparable SaaS service would charge (as they typically charge per-seat).

Support services and integration consulting may be available to assist with setup, deployment, and maintenance if needed. Contact us to discuss.