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spawn-cli is a passwordless login cli used to assume AWS roles and login to the management UI's for sprocs apps.

Most sprocs apps contain an admin and user AWS IAM Role that can be assumed by a local AWS profile with permission to do so. spawn-cli uses your current AWS profile or access key/secret to generate temporary credentials for the desired sprocs app role (ie. raincloud-env-user or raincloud-env-admin) that grants temporary (8 hour default) access to the app web UI/API's

Logging into a sprocs app is as simple as:

npx @sprocs/spawn login https://myappid123.amplifyapp.com

You can also setup users with an identity provider via SAML integration. sprocs apps have been tested with SSO providers such as AWS SSO, Okta, Google Apps/GSuite, and Ping Identity. See sprocs docs/authentication (TODO)

Getting started